Toy Kaleidoscope for Kids Large

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Toy Kaleidoscope for kids large

A child can see wonder even in most mundane of things. Because in child’s eye there are millions of wonders hidden. Our toy kaleidoscope for kids large, sparks awe and amazement in children. This is a perfect toy for young kids. As they will immediately draw love the bright and colorful design. Also, with each turn the toy creates a new magical mosaic which mesmerises children and adult alike. With this toy you can engage child for hours, enjoying the world full of colour and imagination. 

The kaleidoscope is very easy to operate and smooth to function. In fact this a great product to make children learn about symmetry of design, colour and science. Not only that the changing colour and patterns can have calming effect on the children. In the days of violent video games our toy kaleidoscope for kids large, encourages children to slow down, be calm and enjoy the visual delight. 

Further the fact that the kaleidoscope is made from 100% wood, makes it more child and environment friendly as compared to plastic toys. Also, the material used for construction is sturdy and can stand up to all the havoc that your little toddler can make. 

This is a perfect gift for kids of all ages, whether a two year old or a primary school kid. This is also very good option for return gift ideas if you are planning your child’s birthday party. We hope you and your child enjoy our toy kaleidoscope and explore the magic that a bit of sun, light and glass pieces can bring.

Material : Wood

Package includes : 1pc |

Colour : As shown in picture |

Size : height 7.8cm, diameter 5cm |


Conversion: 1inch = 2.54cm,  1cm = 0.393 inches


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